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Do College Students Love or Hate America?
22 Jul 2019
Do College Students Love or Hate America?
TheDon · 5 Views

Why You Love Capitalism

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Do you use an iPhone? Watch Netflix? Listen to Spotify? Then you love capitalism and can't stand big government. How do we know? Jared Meyer of the Foundation for Government Accountability explains.
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You love capitalism. Really - you do.

And you can't stand big government. Really - you can't.

Don't believe me? Then I'll just have to prove it to you.

Do you use an iPhone? Android? Macbook? PC?
Read on a Kindle?
Watch TV and movies on Netflix? Videos on YouTube?
Shop on Amazon?
Listen to Spotify?
Search on Google?
Send money on Venmo?
Grab a ride with Uber?
Drive with Waze?
Book a room with Airbnb?

Are you on Facebook? Or Instagram? Or Snapchat?

You probably use many, if not all, of these things, and, if you're like me, you love them. In today's world, they're practically necessities.

Where do you think they came from?

From entrepreneurs with great ideas and the freedom to test them in the marketplace. That is what is known as . . . capitalism.

Now consider some other things you probably use:

Have you been to the DMV?
Gone through airport security?
Mailed a package at the Post Office?
Called the IRS customer service line?
Or called any government office, for that matter?

What's different?

Why is going to the Apple Store so fun, but going to the DMV so painful? Because one has nothing to do with the government, and one is the government. One needs to satisfy its customers to survive and grow. One doesn't.

The purpose of government is not to create products. And we don't expect it to. But if you thought about it for a few moments, you'd realize you don't want the government involved in just about anything private business can do. That's because profit-motivated individuals have to work to please their customers. You. Government agencies don't have to please anyone.

Call that IRS service line, if you doubt me.

Can you imagine if Steve Jobs had to seek government approval for every new design of the iPhone? We'd have been lucky to get to iPhone 3G.

Look at Uber. Just a few years ago, summoning a private driver in a few minutes who would take you where you wanted to go was truly a service available only to the wealthiest people. But now, thanks to capitalism, private rides are an affordable option for ordinary people all over the world. Until Uber came around, if it started to rain in, say, Manhattan and you wanted a grab a cab, good luck. Too many rain-drenched people and too few cabs. Uber had a better idea. Rain falls. Demand for rides spikes. Raise prices to incentivize more Uber drivers to hit the road. Ride-in-the-rain problem solved.

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Do College Students Love or Hate America?
22 Jul 2019
Do College Students Love or Hate America?
TheDon · 5 Views